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Creating PDF

Creating a PDF file

Creating a PDF file

If you are going to arrange the layout yourself, we would prefer to receive a PDF file. Depending on your software and operating system, there are several options.

You can request or download our manual for extensive information on creating a proper PDF file. 

Use of the following programmes is dealt with in the manual: 


PDFCreator (Windows)

You can use this free programme to create a PDF file.

Download PDF Creator    Download instructions



Has a good PDF creator; you don't need to download any other software.

Download instructions


Adobe Acrobat Pro

You can obtain a 30-day trial version of the original software. Please bear in mind that you will have to buy the software after 30 days if you wish to continue using it.

Adobe has a website where you can download the trial version.

Download Acrobat Pro trial    Download instructions


Adobe InDesign

You can use the Export function in InDesign to create a PDF file.

Download instructions

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